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The Promised Year 2018

It’s 2018 aanddd I am fully excited to see what’s in store for me this year. A lot had happened in the previous year, must I say, it taught me a lot of lessons. Lessons that surely made deep concussion within me. With every storm comes the radiant rainbow, and that rainbow is 2018!!!

So, for a fresh start this year, I made a list of what I must do in order to claim that promised year! This list ought to help me thrive and succeed this year, not just survive. Dream big, you know. Hehe, here comes my list:

1. Stay calm and Don’t hurry. I know this is common for everyone but this thing is not common for a girl who has panic attacks like me. I want to achieve a lot this year that sometimes this wanting leads me to overthinking, thus, ruining everything for me. So I am practicing to stay calm and perceive better to not hurry. As a medical student, I will try to stay calmer to produce better outcomes in my grades.

2. Enjoy life. Sometimes my introverted self tends to get in the way that I didn’t go when people invite me for some lunch or even hanging out. Even when I wanted to, I always try to reason out in my head that I want to stay indoors more. In the end, I have turned down a lot of invites. This 2018, I’ll try to join my friends when they invite me and try to enjoy other people’s company. Life is meant to be shared anyway.

3. Write more, post more, share more. This one sounds cool; I really want to improve myself when it comes to this. Obviously, 2018 will be a lot year of adjustment and letting go for me so I will try to write more, post more about my life or basically about what’s on my mind, and share more about my day with friends or about my lessons I learned that day. More like giving people the updates I want to share.

4. Meditate. Ughhh, still my best to-do task out of it all. I have tried meditating way back the first chapter of my first semester but I slowly detached from doing so because you know, cramming will always be my best opponent in medical school. Hehe, this time I want to take it seriously. I want my mindfulness to increase vastly so my concentration will also increase. Good health, good mind.

5. Journaling. As a Christian, I write journal everyday or what we call “Quiet Time”. It’s our way of talking with GOD. But it’s different from ranting about how your day went because it’s all about praises and worship for Him solely. Let’s say that is my walk with God. So this year, I will have my daily walk with life dressed as a diary or journal wherein I can keep my updates about what really happened to me everyday and also to see progress about my daily life. Also in here I’ll include the “3-things-I’m-grateful-for” daily reminder. This gives me the upper hand when I weigh the good things over the bad things every day. Hitting a bird with two stones, journaling can also improve my relationship with God and people.

6. Smile more, breathe more. Do whatever makes me  happy. I mean, really do what makes me happy. Write often. Study harder. Let go of the things that hinder me to reach my highest potential. Don’t listen to anyone’s advices unless I asked for it. Life is short to worry more. Life is temporary to hold grudges. Just. Enjoy. Life.

7. Impress God, not others. This one is my mantra in life now. Nothing really matters in this life but being good. So good others will feel guilty of badmouthing me. This year, I must throw myself to the wall without punching the wall afterwards. No more regrets, instead I will love unconditionally. Do good, serve good, be good.

2018 is my promised year because I truly believe this is the year of redemption. More happiness, wisdom, peace, financial provision, gouod relationships, adventures, unexpected blessings and opportunities are overflowing for me this year 2018. What do you also believe in? What are yours? 🙂 adventures, unexpected blessings and opportunities are overflowing for me this year 2018. What do you also believe in? What are yours? 🙂

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The Word of the day: ENTICING

Enticing, her name appears in the newspaper

Beneath the entertainment news that entice

Shallow memories of courage lead on

Funny eyes are mocking her

The knife of pain starts to tempt

Murderous plot starting to hammer down

All that beauty that is enticing

Magical as it appears,

The ground hits the earthy ashes

Winding stairs seem to be endless

Chasing, looking back, watching out

Finally, the breath starts to run out

Misery comes to entice

Only the best of the hopeless

Peaceful night dresses to entice

The prey who never gets to see the daylight.


What a challenge it is to write an impromptu poem again. I planned in my mind to have the word “Enticing” appear five times. I guessed I lacked. Hope you enjoyed it. Come join us in our Daily Word Challenge.


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Fake Friends

Like roses the variety of colors represent

The darkness of hearts never get burnt

Overwhelming rags of ashes paid the price

Hundreds of torn pages shadow the skies.

Fallen masks no longer shatter

In the mock of abyss there lies the rust

Pondering why a venomous snake flatter

Oh, my mind says don’t listen nor trust.

The grip of pain from all the tragedy

Learn that kindness also get moldy

When betrayal aches to rear its head

Good heart, never delay and cut the thread.


📸: star magnolia bloom

(c) July 2018

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From a Trial to a Testimony

I just want to share another miracle in my life. It may look like a hurdle in my walk of faith, fear not for I jumped higher to overcome it. I consider it one of my best trials for it shaped me to humble myself and release my self-sufficiency.

So, let me entertain you with some good bits. I am deeply grateful because God is always faithful. When He promised you something, He does it! He is that great! All praises to His Holy Name! First year of medschool was not easy. It maybe my second chance to try again, still studying in Medical School had really engraved my heart to hardwork and tears of pain. But heads up! I accepted it long ago that it is God’s calling for me to attend my First Year classes. I’ve had the best experiences so far. I enjoyed my days of weariness and contentment. That cannot be joined but God proved again that in my weariness, He can give me contentment through His peace. Being a Christian is not easy especially when the world wounded up to pursue you and confide to plan evil for you. It would take a great strength to wear your shield of faith just like how David beat Goliath. I am David. Simply because I was smaller than the world (haha). Kidding aside, I am beyond grateful that God had been faithful in my life because He answered my prayers in His own right timing. However, He left me something to humble me. He made me attend Remedials. Remedial was like a last-chance-of-my-first-year-so-better-take-this-seriously classes in such a way that you’d have to pass it. ALL OR NOTHING. How did I get to attend one? My grade in Gross Anatomy was hanging on a thin thread, mostly borderline. Putting it a lay man’s term, my grade didn’t make it to the cut so I have to take remedial classes to pass.

When I received my grades online, I cried! Substantially. Not because I got a remedial clasa but because I PASSED MY FIRST YEAR SUBJECTS ESPECIALLY THE HARDEST SUBJECTS I PRAYED A LOT TO GOD.

God is amazing because He wanted me to learn something in order to advance to the next level of my studies. I listed my realizations after I finally took my LAST COMPREHENSIVE EXAM OF MY FIRST YEAR AS A MEDSTUDENT.

  1. “The wind needs to be against you in order to see that God is with you.”
  2. If it were easy, you would rely on yourself and thank the wrong things.
  3. Jesus sent His apostles to the storms to meet them in the storms.
  4. I made it out alive because God is with me all the way!
  5. Second chances are meant to enjoy life and see it God’s way.

This was inspired by the Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church. I was watching his sermons just before I went to my Church service to pay gratitude to God. I may have stumbled a few blocks away from my goals, I didn’t worry much because God made my trials to another testimony of His greatness! Trials in my life really amplified my faith in Him because the more waves I encounter in my storms, the more opportunities I can see Jesus silencing the wind to stop the waves.


Footnote: I can make an in-depth sharing of wisdom if someone is interested in my story. I’d be more glad to talk to someone who needs a good soul-lifting. God bless! I hope you who reached the end of my story enjoyed your read and atleast had been enlightened. Thank you!

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[POEM] Scream of Triumph

Covered in a nutshell of fear

Flowers blossomed in the autumn

Surprised that all stars bleed gifts

Struck by tenderness of the heavenly bliss.

Anonymously praying for a stranger

In full hope, I long to send vibration

Deep down the memory lane, uncut are

Excerpts from cobwebs of uncertainty.

Glory and thanksgiving fill my heart

Fire inside the sleeping tick bomb

Great things pile and overcome

The day has been rescued, praises ascend!

• theme: “describe your emotions this January”

✉ January 2018

📸 weheartit

🔖 I miss posting, unfortunately I have gotten busy lately.

Take care everyone!

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Mind blocks

I was told that lunacy is a mind game

No, normalcy is quite the name

Comfortable when I’m in the dark

But the light shown rich heathen mark

Hell is not bound to stay in Neptune

Suddenly the moon is rising to prune

A partner is thirsty of divine love

A lover is hungry for obsessed dove

Of wonder, refuge, and unchained freedom.

Thank you for reading!

◇ Impromptu poem

■ Inspired by Angel Verdicts and Enlightenment readings

2018 January

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A Medstudent’s Reality

My body’s bestfriend is milk
See through my shower hooks, feel my exposed skin like silk;
The summery heat roasted my face like cocoa
Flowery smell of fabric conditioner got me woke! Ah!
In deep search of a vegetarian’s pizza, what a risk!
Earphones in, volume up, play tetris
Staring at my crush’s back like some movie
Sinking back in the chair pillow, eyelids feel heavy
One thing I can’t live without is hairbrush
My facial tissue rubbing my adrenaline rush
Dry shampoo and daydreaming
Ink for pen and words that ring
Junk foods triggering doctor’s disgust
Highlighters for written affirmations to trust
I’m a medstudent, fruits are a must!

So I created my first List Poem ever. Haha! It was really difficult for me so it wasn’t relly as smooth as it should be to read. I’ve almost finished writing this during my Family Medicine and I’m guilty I didn’t pay much attention to my class just to give effort to this. Still, appreciated it because I finished it.

  • What is a “list poem”?

List Poem is another kind of poem wherein you write about anything that includes a list of things (e.g. shopping list, to-do list, or favorite items). It usually has a list in the middle and a few lines at the end. It also often rhyme but it depends mostly on the author if he/she will make it rhyme or not. Either way, it usually is funny.

  • Why did you choose List Poem?

Mainly because I have those things as my top priorities to buy for my reviewing and whatnots. I also liked it rhymed so that was my greatest struggle because I’m starting to have my time be eaten with reviewing scheds. I managed my time wisely.

  • Is it included in your Poetry Bucketlist?

Yes. Also since the title was the last thing I can’t think of, I chose to describe medical students’ daily routine and a bit of studying habits. Another box to tick off.

Thanks for reading!

✉ message or criticize. Everything is welcome!

🔖 2018 January

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