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The Promised Year 2018

It’s 2018 aanddd I am fully excited to see what’s in store for me this year. A lot had happened in the previous year, must I say, it taught me a lot of lessons. Lessons that surely made deep concussion within me. With every storm comes the radiant rainbow, and that rainbow is 2018!!!

So, for a fresh start this year, I made a list of what I must do in order to claim that promised year! This list ought to help me thrive and succeed this year, not just survive. Dream big, you know. Hehe, here comes my list:

1. Stay calm and Don’t hurry. I know this is common for everyone but this thing is not common for a girl who has panic attacks like me. I want to achieve a lot this year that sometimes this wanting leads me to overthinking, thus, ruining everything for me. So I am practicing to stay calm and perceive better to not hurry. As a medical student, I will try to stay calmer to produce better outcomes in my grades.

2. Enjoy life. Sometimes my introverted self tends to get in the way that I didn’t go when people invite me for some lunch or even hanging out. Even when I wanted to, I always try to reason out in my head that I want to stay indoors more. In the end, I have turned down a lot of invites. This 2018, I’ll try to join my friends when they invite me and try to enjoy other people’s company. Life is meant to be shared anyway.

3. Write more, post more, share more. This one sounds cool; I really want to improve myself when it comes to this. Obviously, 2018 will be a lot year of adjustment and letting go for me so I will try to write more, post more about my life or basically about what’s on my mind, and share more about my day with friends or about my lessons I learned that day. More like giving people the updates I want to share.

4. Meditate. Ughhh, still my best to-do task out of it all. I have tried meditating way back the first chapter of my first semester but I slowly detached from doing so because you know, cramming will always be my best opponent in medical school. Hehe, this time I want to take it seriously. I want my mindfulness to increase vastly so my concentration will also increase. Good health, good mind.

5. Journaling. As a Christian, I write journal everyday or what we call “Quiet Time”. It’s our way of talking with GOD. But it’s different from ranting about how your day went because it’s all about praises and worship for Him solely. Let’s say that is my walk with God. So this year, I will have my daily walk with life dressed as a diary or journal wherein I can keep my updates about what really happened to me everyday and also to see progress about my daily life. Also in here I’ll include the “3-things-I’m-grateful-for” daily reminder. This gives me the upper hand when I weigh the good things over the bad things every day. Hitting a bird with two stones, journaling can also improve my relationship with God and people.

6. Smile more, breathe more. Do whatever makes me  happy. I mean, really do what makes me happy. Write often. Study harder. Let go of the things that hinder me to reach my highest potential. Don’t listen to anyone’s advices unless I asked for it. Life is short to worry more. Life is temporary to hold grudges. Just. Enjoy. Life.

7. Impress God, not others. This one is my mantra in life now. Nothing really matters in this life but being good. So good others will feel guilty of badmouthing me. This year, I must throw myself to the wall without punching the wall afterwards. No more regrets, instead I will love unconditionally. Do good, serve good, be good.

2018 is my promised year because I truly believe this is the year of redemption. More happiness, wisdom, peace, financial provision, gouod relationships, adventures, unexpected blessings and opportunities are overflowing for me this year 2018. What do you also believe in? What are yours? 🙂 adventures, unexpected blessings and opportunities are overflowing for me this year 2018. What do you also believe in? What are yours? 🙂


Weekly Gratitude 1

“What you dread the most may turn out to be one of the unexpected turns of your life”

My start in my second semester was really a bang! I didn’t expect it to turn this calm and happy with a ring of surprise! Ever since the start of this semester, I endured crawled my way to school because I AM SO CRAZY HOOKED UP with the holidays that gone by! And that phrase (above) was told to me as a motivational text message from a friend-turned- confidant of mine.

So, I was shocked that I enjoyed the first week! There were some minor setbacks but law of attraction superbly worked with me! Every morning, I would think of positive thoughts and *gasped* I am fully manifesting it throughout the day! Wow!

I’ve also started to work on my meditation though I’m still far from the milestone atleast I’ve taken one step.

I also received a lot of gifts. I felt somehow guilty because: first, I didn’t even send back gifts to them; second, I was not in the mood to buy gifts way back later days of 2017 dont ask it was my mood of the year 2017; and lastly, I wasn’t expecting gifts from classmates because I learned from my previous Christmas last year when I gave a lot (seriously, a lot!) and no one even gave back so trauma hit me back. But this year’s welcome was different. I’m glad it was different. The gifts I received were:

  • A customized pen with DRA. (my surname) written along the shaft of the pen! It was so beautiful and I gave my dormmate and a great older sister in faith (who’s also a Medstudent and a classmate) an A grade for effort!
  • Chocolate bar from a friend-slashed-sister-in-faith which I really loved and ate after I headed home
  • Free spa treatment from my doppelganger friend who’s always been with me literally everywhere! I loved the whole body massage!
  • An orange & white polka dots pouch with Kitkat 🍫 inside the pouch from my group leader in fellowship (yes, we have a group composed of Christians and non-Christians working for fellowship with Christ) Oh! There was also a Bible verse inside!
  • A dog plush from Mini-so and “A Girl on the Train” book from my classmate who got my name in our Christmas gift-giving exchange activity. I am jumping out of joy for these gifts because she followed and bought what was in the wishlist!

So, these were my highlights of my week. I’m extremely grateful beyond grateful because I’m receiving so much it overflows. I get to write too. I dreamt of coming back to joining the newspaper organization in our medical school but a lot of people adviced me not to, ‘tleast not this year. I’m downhearted but still blessed because I get to write and express in this platform! Still grateful.

Thanks for reading! God bless you all.

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Acrostic Poetry #1

This acrostic poetry I created is for a friend I have not seen for months now! We communicated this past few days and I was reminded by her about the forgotten dedication poem for her so here comes, I wish she could read this. This is for her.

Z eny, a long-time friend with a beautiful soul

E njoying my dark and sun-bright days with her

N ever a dull moment, wave at her charming smile

A lways a lover of peace; her aura best soothes

I n everything there she is, I respect her passion

D ancing with life has never been easy for her

A midst trials, I’m glad she prays and looks up!

✉ dedication poetry

🔖 2018 January

📸 grabbed here

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Attraction of the Curse

Maximizing the viable package

Streaming down to the poet’s lineage

I’ve lost my mind; coping from the rage

Blood of tears isn’t rewarding as a wage

Observe the opera of dancing life age

The white paint of hope has turned beige

Expectations popping inside the cage

Waiting for the right time to engage

See my crooked, handcrafted bandage

Curiosity agonizing the kids’ childbook page

Eulogy, salutations, unbranded homage

Silenced murmurs ejected right through the luggage

Emptiness is dead; swirling conundrum flushed into the drainage

Cut the scene, a blinding storm appeared offstage.

It’s my 3rd day in my 2nd semester journey as of today. I’m pretty sleepy yet bothered. I don’t understand this feeling so far, I think I’m anxious again but my mind is blank of all the posibble reasons as to why I should be anxious. I was trying the LAW OF ATTRACTION now and I’ll update how it works for me. So far, so good.

Also, I’ve got a whole list of my POETRY BUCKETLIST where I get to list down all my level A game for this year. One of those is this poem, a sonnet, composed of 14 lines with ending rhymes. It was fun! I was planning on creating atleast 5 sonnets for my bucketlist so this poem above ticked off one of the boxes for my sonnets section. ✔ Hihi.

Hats to myself for making it despite my headache bugging/adjustment period of my medschool journey.

Thanks for reading! God bless.

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🔖17 January 2018

✉ message/ comment/ criticize my works in the comment section 🙂

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Carved Delusion

Tanka of the day:

Cords of Consciousness

Calling someone in my mind –

“How to end my life?”

Reinvented memories

Muted madness; mask my breath.


On January 15th will be the resume of my classes on our 2nd term in medical school. I’m quite reluctant to prepare and go to school yet. *cries in silence* I have loved staying here in my own house living with my brother, 2 cute and very lively dogs and also my squishy-but-not-so-friendly Egyptian Mao cat! Hehe. But I’ve read somewhere on Pinterest that in order to have your life organized and well-lived, you have to EAT THE FROG! SCARY SH*T right? Haha. But it only means facing the most difficult part of the day. For me the most difficult part is going to school as holiday hangover still hanging on my shoulder. So please send me good vibes and motivational messages please. I’m desperate. Haha! 
• MCS 2018 •

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Haiku Prompt: from an Asian girl

It was a habit of mine to go to rooftop and refresh my mind. I often would love to think and reflect about my day. Staring at the stars really calm me alot; sometimes, I’d get my creative juices from the vast open space I can see! I’d like to think that beyond those stars are carved the beautiful souls who were also looking at them with admiration at night. 

Glowing sunflowers 

Sun beaming, clothes are half-baked

Welcome back, summer! 

My theme for this one is summer 🌞🌤 because during months of January and February that we got to experience the pre-summery vibes chilling air and sunny bouts of pleasure. 

● MCS 2018 ○

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Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge

I tried to join here Colleens Weekly Tanka Poetry Challenge for the sole purpose of getting more acquainted with the literary poetry again. The two words are DESTINATION and GUIDE but in the Tanka I would make, I should not use the the given words but only their synonyms. ‘Twas harder than I expected. Alas, I enjoyed it. 

I wander and float 

As I rise and meet the world

Sigh, I’m euphoric

Trailing the heaven’s postman

 I will make it out alive

◇ MCS 2018 ◇